Info/About us

We are Creative! We are body positive! We encourage sustainability!


For many years 10+ Kytanna the designer and owner of 2 swimwear companies has been creating amazing luxury swimwear! It's a pleasure of ours to bring you amazing quality while being functional & supporting body positivity along the way! Kytanna has been through many stages of weight loss & weight gain. It was a process to go through and so we here at Battle Born Beekinis decided to grow by offering multiple sizes! 
Kytanna also has children and a loving husband, so we introduced Kids and Mens trunks in 2020! With our options being open it was a bit harder to focus on one category, however we have managed quite well with all that we offer.
Coming into 2021 with more options for online shopping and our Boutique store front being open year round we are seeing what our ideal clientele is! It's fun to grow with our community and our brand followers! We love what we do here from scrunchies to custom we love creating and making you feel amazing!
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