Vitamin sea top

Battle Born Beekinis

Are you in need of some vitamin sea? I understand! When the urge sets in, my soul starts to long for deserted beaches, palm trees, and a good swim in the deep blue ocean. Even during winter, my heart longs to be close to the sea.

-This bikini top is sporty and bright for those adventure days on the water. The vibrant floral pattern can be worn on either side to match your mood, or flip it to show off that neon yellow color. The elastic band keeps you snug, while the double straps tie on top for the perfect fit. The full coverage style gives you great support with no back ties so you can feel free of any scratching!

A NEW Bikini has the power to uplift your mood, take away stress and improve your mental health. There is something magical about a Vacation. Relaxing effects and works on us in many therapeutic ways.

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